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Club Explorer Award
2023 - 2024

Welcome to District 95 Club Explorer Award

The Club Explorer Award (CEA) is an initiative that encourages individual Toastmasters of District 95 to visit and explore clubs other than their own. Your observations while exploring will help yours and other clubs to grow!

This year the Club Explorer Award encourages members to go outside their club(s) to learn from and support other clubs in and outside of District 95 by in person visits.

Recognizing that visiting online clubs are simpler and therefore shall naturally occur, this year we are rewarding only in-person visits by this award.

Any Toastmaster in District 95 may participate. All members excluding the D95 Extended Core Team are eligible.
Division Director visits to clubs in their Division are not eligible.
Area Director visits to Clubs in their Area are not eligible.

Every time you visit another club that you are not a member of, simply record your progress on the form below, submit the form and you will collect points on the program.

Only visits between 1st July 2023 and 15th April 2024 will be counted as part of this year’s program, only 1 visit to each club by the same member will count.

Thank you for participating!

Your observations help yours and other clubs to grow!

Follow the link to “Submit Report

Write to if you have any questions.

What will you gain as a Club Explorer?
  • New ideas to bring back to and rejuvenate your home club
  • Confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience
  • The satisfaction of helping in a meeting function
  • New contacts and meaningful connections to promote your personal growth!
  • Recognition of your adventurous spirit
  • The greatest reward for you is the experience!
What will the visited club gain?
  • New ideas from the visiting Toastmasters
  • More knowledge and confidence for the exploring Toastmaster
  • Meet new people, learn from others and share your skills with others
  • Advertise on your website or club page that you are welcoming Club Explorer visits!
What to do: Before the Meeting
  • Pick any club you haven’t visited yet in person – this can be any Toastmaster club in the world, does not have to be one in D95. Contact the club to confirm it is meeting on the published date/time/location. Offer to be assigned a role or to be a guest speaker and included in the meeting agenda
  • Inform the Presiding officer that you will be attending.

To find out when the club meeting is taken place, check the Toastmasters International Website, “Find a Club” or follow easySPEAK for all clubs in your Area, Division and District.

What to do: During the Meeting
  • Attend, take part and enjoy!
  • Fulfill the requirements of your role in the agenda.
  • Announce that you are participating as Club Explorer and encourage Toastmasters at the meeting to visit your home club or another club of their choice as Club Explorers.
  • Observe the meeting details, participate actively, and take note of the club practices you admired the most and best practices you would take back to your own club.
  • Take a picture with the presiding officer in front of the official Club flag or banner (optional).
  • Ask for their permission to submit a photo & your post in District 95 social media.
What to do: After the Meeting
  • Submit your Club Explorer Report as soon as possible after your visit by completing this form. Click the link “Submit Report”.
  • List the observed best practices and what you would implement in your own club.
  • Share your experience with your club members!
  • Visit more clubs! Above all, have fun exploring different clubs.
How do I earn points ?

You are receiving points for visiting clubs in person, posting your visit in social media. Of course you need to inform us by submitting a report of your visit to receive the points. The more Clubs you visit, the more points you earn. The more points, the higher level Award you may receive.

  • You earn 5 points by visiting a Club in Person, taking a role as Speaker, Speech Evaluator, General Evaluator or Toastmaster of the evening.
  • You earn additional 5 points by posting your Club Explorer visit on social media and providing us the link as a reference in your submission report.

You can visit any Toastmasters club in the world in person, it does not need to be one within our District. You will get points only once for visiting each club. Do Explorer as many clubs as you can, even on your vacations. Club visits as Area Director in your Area are not valid for this Award. Division Directors may only participate by visiting clubs outside of their Division.

Recognitions of Club Explorer Award 2023-2024

We are awarding all who achieve one of the 3 levels by the points collected for Clubs visits & their social media posting:

Bronze – 50 points earned

Silver – 100 points earned

Gold – 200 points earned

In addition, we will award the Club Explorer of the Year. The D95 Toastmaster who achieves the highest level of points in this program by 15th April 2024.

Take it to the next level

You enjoyed your club visit as Club Explorer? Have your club visit the holder of the Explorer Cup (Wanderpokal) in your Division. 

Many of our Divisions have an Explorer Cup to be passed on from Club to Club within the Divisions. Grab it from the holding club by having 2 members of the visiting Club each take a role, one as Speaker and another as General Evaluator on the same evening at the host Club’s meeting.
Do not forget to post your visit in D95 Social Media.