Club Ambassador Program

District 95 Club Ambassador Program 2018-2019


1 July 2018 – May 2019

What is Club Ambassador Program (CAP)?

It is an innovative/creative educational program that offers benefits for all those involved: the members-ambassadors who visit other clubs, the clubs which are visited, the home clubs of the members-ambassadors, and the District 95.

Visiting other clubs helps members grow by moving them out of their comfort zones. In addition, it is an opportunity to see how other clubs function. Our clubs, areas, divisions and district benefit when members go outside their clubs, learning, adapting, and soon filling leadership roles in the club, area, division and district.

What will YOU gain?

New Ideas to bring back to your own club to keep the excitement strong and helping it flourish.

New Opportunities to participate as a speaker or other meeting roles

New Friends!  Why wait for an Area, Division or District conferences to meet new people?

New Experiences, which will help you get the most out of Toastmasters!

What will YOU learn?

When you turn in your first completed CAP form, you will receive the following: the Designation of being an Official District 95 ‘Club Ambassador’ and recognition at the District 95 Spring Conference in 2019 and the opportunity to go for one of this year’s Club Ambassador of the Year Awards (details below).

How does CAP work?

As member-ambassador, you choose the club you want to visit. Many clubs offer open houses or speaking events. See the calendar on Easy Speak for all clubs in your area, division and district . You can also use the ’Club Ambassador’ program to complete an educational or leadership goal, practice for an upcoming contest, or just indulge simple curiosity.

What should you do when you visit a club?

Perform a role, either speaking or functionary, participate in the Demo meeting for a new or non-chartered club, or just be a guest.

How to complete the ‘Club Ambassador’ visit?

– Find a club that you’d like to visit that fits your schedule — the club does not have to be in your area, your division, or even District 95. The only restriction is that the club cannot be one that you are a member of or the area/division director of; i.e. to become a ‘Club Ambassador’, area and division directors will have to visit (and complete/submit forms for) three clubs outside of their area and division respectively.

ALWAYS contact the club beforehand to verify meeting date/time/location, and ask to be put on the agenda if you would like to speak/can perform a meeting role and let them know you are coming (or you can just show up)

– Check out the 2018-2019 Club Ambassador Form online prior to your visit.

– At the meeting: observe, participate, take notes.

– Fill and submit in the Club Ambassador Form online.

– If you have questions, please contact Svetlana Breum, District 95 Director via email (

– Note: Credit will not be awarded for multiple visits to the same club.

– When the form is received/processed, you will get an email receipt with your visit’s information, which you may want to share with your home club or VPE. As soon as the completed forms are received, you will be noted as District 95 Club Ambassador!

The more clubs you visit, the more you add to the body of knowledge that helps everyone in our Area, Division and District, both members and clubs, to grow to their full potential.

To access the Club Ambassador Form, please click:

Club Ambassador Form.

You will then be redirected to an online (Google Form). No login is required to access and submit the form.

Club Ambassador Program 2018-2019