Club PR Contest

Get points by doing PR/marketing activities to promote your club activities


17 September 2018 – 1 May 2019


  • 5 points: Updates on social media and always tag @tmi_95 (on Instagram) or @tm95prm (on Twitter), and hash tag #tmi95 on Instagram, Twitter, and FB. Mention your club name.
  •  10 points: Get a news coverage on newspaper, magazines articles (that mention your club).
  • 20 points: Radio interview.
  • 30 points: TV interview.
  • 40 points: Special activities or events.


For radio, tv interview, please email the evidence to For special activities or events, please include the photo and a short story about the event (100-200 words).


  • The positive PR activities will help to promote your club in your community.
  • You may inspire other Toastmasters clubs and members.
  • When your club put hash tag #tmi95 and tag @tmi_95 (on Instagram) and @tm95prm (on Twitter), we can repost it so that other Toastmasters clubs get to know more about your club.


The points are calculated at the end of each month. Please remember to tag @tmi_95 (on Instagram) or @tm95prm (on Twitter).  Also, hash tag #tmi95 on Instagram, Twitter, and FB because that is how we can see your updates on the social media.

In the end of the contest, the club that has the highest points will get a prize.

If you have any questions, please email

Good luck!

Club PR Contest 2018-2019