7 Ways to Find a Club

There is a club meeting every day somewhere in Europe! Meetings are held in a variety of places such as community centers,
libraries, on college campuses, in restaurants, corporations and outdoors! Use this link to  Find a club near you !

You can meet Toastmasters at many large local events – like the annual
Expat in the City International Fair in Munich. Be sure to check your local news!
Our members are FREQUENT speakers at TED and TEDX events.

Visit special events offered by various Toastmasters in District 95. Review our
Events Calendar

The Meet-Up platform in several countries is a good place to find a club to
visit. Search under ‘Toastmasters’

Write us a message on our District 95 FanPage on Facebook. We will be happy to help!

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Visit one of our Country and Regional Toastmasters sites:

Finland http://www.toastmasters.fi/

Germany (Northern and Eastern Region): https://www.divisionc.de/

Germany (South East): http://www.toastmasters-95i.org/de/

Hungary http://toastmasters.hu/

Poland: https://toastmasters.pl/pl/

Romania http://www.toastmasters.ro/

Russia http://toastmasters.ru/en/home/

Scandinavia http://www.toastmasters.se/

Contact our Club Growth Director or the club you’d like to visit directly. Start your journey with us today. You are WELCOME.