District Council Meeting

AUTUMN District Council Meeting

In accordance with the TI Board’s decision, the Autumn District Council meeting, which will begin in 2018, will be conducted virtually.
This page will provide you with information on how to conduct the Autumn District Council Meeting in District 95 in compliance with TI District regulations.

District Council meetings (DCM) in the fall have the primary task of approving the annual budget and the appointed district officers. In the past, these tasks were performed during a personally held DCM.

A virtual DCM is conducted via an online meeting platform. You as voters can log in to the meeting using your access data. You will receive your access data well in advance of the meeting.

During a DCM, the respective motions are put to the vote. With the online meeting platform you can cast your vote. Before the voting begins you’ll get some lessons how to proceed.

Only the president and the VpEd of your club are entitled to vote at an online DCM. A proxy cannot be determined. President and VpEd must attend the meeting in person or the respective vote does not count.

Article X: Council Meetings, Quorum, Proxies, and Voting

(e) Voting

In the event that the voting process is conducted virtually, no proxies will be
permitted. Each district council member must cast their own vote. District executive
committee members are entitled to one vote and may cast up to one additional vote
as a club president or vice president of education of their club.
(Source: District Administrative Bylaws effective on July 1, 2018 – attached to TI Board
Minutes August 20-22. 2017)