European Reformation

Update:  New Officers Elected for the “Transition” Year 2017-2018

Find out WHO will lead the 3 three future districts:

District Core Team 2017-2018

Andrei PopescuDistrict Director 
Swetlana BreumProgram Quality DirectorDistrict 95
Piotr ChimkoProgram Quality DirectorFuture District 108
Bea BinczeProgram Quality DirectorFuture District 110
Tobias SchlosserClub Growth DirectorDistrict 95
Gabriela RoivainenClub Growth DirectorFuture District 108
Lukas LiebichClub Growth DirectorFuture District 110
Miroslava MihalevaDistrict 95 Public Relations Manager*Appointed position
Henrik KammannDistrict 95 Finance Manager*Appointed position
Ola KuleszaDistrict 95 Administration Manager *Appointed Position
Olaf LangenbeckAssist. Finance Manager District 95*Appointed Position
Krzysztof KopecAssist. Finance Manager District 108*Appointed Position
Andreea CrasmariuAssist. Finance Manager District 110*Appointed Position
The officers who will lead the transition into 3 Districts.


Update: Numbers for the New/Old Districts

For those of us who have been following the upcoming “reforming” of Districts 95 (ours) and 59 (our sister district in Europe) – here we have the “numbers game.” What does it mean for us ? Effective 1 July 2018 the map is numbered as follows:

  • District 95 – >> Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden (effectively Divisions A, C, F, I and G)
  • District 108 – >> Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland (effectively Divisions E, J and K + parts of Division B)
  • District 109 – >> Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, Republic of Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City
    (Parts of our Divisions I and H
  • District 110 – >> Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine (effectively Divisions D, L + parts
    of our Divisions B and H)


CountriesDistrict Number Assignment
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands 59
Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden 95
Andorra, Spain, Portugal 107
Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland 108
Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lichtenstein, Republic of Macedonia, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City 109

Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine 110

Wendy Husser
District 95 Public Relations Manager 2016-2017


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European Reformation Approved

European Reformation proposal was agreed, what’s next?

I was so excited to attend the board of directors briefing at International Convention in Washington DC, where our reformation proposal was given approval to progress.

European Toastmasters have made a history: our reformation proposal was approved at the International Convention in Washington DC.

This was the first step towards six European districts of which three will comprise most of the clubs in D95. World Headquarters will send written confirmation of the Board’s approval to the chair of the reformation committee, Past District Governor Morag Mathieson. Once received, the leaders of both districts and some members of the Reformation Committee with support from WHQ staff will work on the implementation of the reformation plan that was approved by both district councils in May 2016.

In the proposal, Croatia will be included in District 95 and Cyprus FYR Macedonia in District 59 starting from July 1st, 2017.

July 2017 – June 2018 will be a transition year, when we’ll have a District Director, three Program Quality Directors and three Club Growth Directors in both D59 and in D95. District Council will elect these officers in May 2017 so that each future district has a PQD and CGD.

To prepare the transition year, I’ll be looking for District Leadership committee members for helping to select the candidates for each elected and appointed position.

I’m looking forward to this process and you’ll be informed about the details along the journey.

Best regards,

Tuire Vuolasvirta, DTM

Immediate Past District 95 Director (2015-2016)


Provided by Morag Mathieson, DTM – Chair, European Reformation Committee


Dear fellow Toastmasters


District Executive Committee meetings in Nice and Budapest the district officers of District 59 and District 95 assembled for an exciting meeting.

European Reformation Committee Chair Morag Mathieson presented the draft proposal for the reformation of our two districts during a joined streamed session. The draft proposal is the result of an intense exploration of over 20 possible options. On scrutinizing, most of them turned out to have too many disadvantages to be viable options.



The draft proposal will be open for discussion until March 19. Until that date questions can be sent to the committee on The questions and the answers will be posted weekly in the FAQ section on

The prezentation showed on 6th February during DECM in Budapest is available: ERC_European Reformation DECM Feb 2016v2

There were two webinars scheduled: on Monday 15th February 20:00 hosted by District 95 and on Thursday 18th February 20:00 hosted by District 59.

Meeting recording Monday 15th February 20:00 hosted by District 95

Meeting recording Thursday 18th February 20:00 hosted by District 59

After March 19 the reformation committee will finalize the proposal and send it to the District Directors by April 2nd.

On April 16 the final proposal will be sent to all district council members so they can prepare for their vote at the District Council Meetings in May.

We invite you to send your questions and feedback to the European Reformation Committee and look forward to the final proposal being approved in May.


Tuire Vuolasvirta

District 95 Director

Marike Dijksterhuis

District 59 Director

Morag Mathieson

European Reformation Committee Chair


Timetable for Reformation of Districts 59 & 95

*If one or both district councils reject the proposal then a new proposal will have to be created and the timeline of reformation will be extended by at least 1 year to July 2019.

Dec, 16th 2015 & Jan, 7th 2016 – Webinars for members to ask about reformation (the proposal will not be prepared)
Feb, 7th 2016 – Presentation of proposals to district officers at District Executive Commettee Meetings (DECM)
February 2016 – Proposal avaliable on district websites & webinar for club officers & members
March 2016 – Webinar for club officers & members Discussion on Division, Area and Club Level
Until March 19th 2016 – Question & Answers to Reformation Committee
April 2th 2016 – Final proposal send to district directors
May 2016 – Proposal presented to Toastmasters International Board of Directors (if approved by both district councils) for consideration.
July 1st 2017 – June 1st 2018 Transition year, preparing for reformation
July 1st 2018 New district structures are implemented

European Reformation FAQ:


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