We know that you would like to know a lot more and some of you would like to start immediately. Nevertheless PATHWAYS is a huge change which takes time and better not be rushed. Also Toastmasters Int. makes sure that all clubs are being prepared and well trained as well as setting up local support for club officers to make this change a smooth transition.

If you have any questions not covered here feel free to send a mail to the Chief Ambassador Ellen Hermens at

  • When does the rollout start in our district? (updated April 2017)
      • The first districts rolled out already – Rollout Pilot #1: D57 at Feb, 7th 2017, Rollout Pilot #2: D27 at March 21st 2017
      • Rollout Pilot #3: D51 scheduled for Mid May
      • #1: Region 14 planned July (to prevent district from additional stress during TI year end)
      • #2: Region 2 planned mid September (I presume because of the convention taking place in August)
      • #3: Region 6+7 in November
      • Next rollouts in 2018:
        #4: Regions 10+12
        #5: Regions 1+11 – so my personal guess is that that´s going to start March/April 2018
  • Why are we changing the education system?
    This is best answered on Pathways Overview on
  • When do I start my education path with Pathways, as a new member of the club?
    After the rollout started and Pathways introduced to our district each new member starts with Pathways – they won´t have a choice. Existing members have the choice to continue within the old program until the transition period ends.
  • What are the covered languages so far?
    So far the Board of Directors decided to have translations for 8 languages:
    Arabic, Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
    That is based on numbers of clubs. In the future more might come, but that´s following the normal procedure to get Pathways officially translated. We are aware that in our district we have many native speaker clubs and therefore a unique situation worldwide.
  • As manuals are downloadable, do I pay same amount $ for membership fees?
  • There is a different fee structure, but yes, the current fees stay the same as they cover the maintenance and development of educational
  • If I am already enrolled in old program, can I start in parallel the Pathway? Should I pay additional?
    Yes, you are able to start immediately after the introduction of Pathways to your district. You may run both programs parallel within the
    transition period of two years. As an existing member you are going to get one Learning Path for free (members of multiple clubs will
    get two Learning Paths for free).
  • If my club language is not covered, how will club meetings take place? Should we do a translation on our own? (Informal)
    How should we handle the members, in this case?

    You may support each other. When you look at the projects of the Learning Paths you will see that Level 1 projects are the same in every Learning Path. Additionally the optional projects are used in other Learning Paths which cover the same core competencies. For a closer look and explanation please approach an Ambassador. We are aware of the situation and are going to find common practices how to best handle this.
  • Will Base Camp help organize a meeting, as Easy Speak is doing now?
    No, it is rather comparable to Club Services Central of the Toastmasters website today plus a way for members to manage their own
    achievements, evaluations, badges and so on. The creator of easy-Speak Malcolm Warden is in touch with districts and Toastmasters to gather information to implement the Pathways information to easy-Speak.
  • Can’t several translators be hired, in order to have the other languages covered? Can proof readers be hired? And then have the translation approved?
    That is a the decision of the Board of Directors and they are going to approve only when there are enough clubs meeting in the
    certain language. The formal process is being described in the Policies and Procedures of Toastmasters Int.
  • Is board of directors aware that if the language is not covered, the club might die?
    Yes, that is a recurring discussion issue from our district with Int. Directors. Unfortunately this is a very unique situation of the European
    districts as in the rest of the world the majority of clubs meet in English.
  • For new clubs, should we promote easy-Speak?
    Yes, we recommend doing that as easy-Speak makes the planning of the club meeting easier.
  • Is there any plan to have an administrative tool created?
    We don´t know of any plan in that direction.
  • Club mentoring point, could be used for DTM in Pathways?
    Yes, as long as you did not already use it for another award.
  • Is there any playground to test Pathways?
    No, unfortunately not. Please trust that there were Beta testers and there are the piloting districts which already use Pathways at the
    time this answer is being written.
  • Can the service point in an officer role, e.g. as Area Director, be used after 2020?
    Yes, just like other officer roles which have not been used for other awards.
  • Is Pathway presentation online?
    You might have a first impression of a Pathways project with the Icebreaker.
  • How long will take to get the DTM and how many projects are needed?
    • Completion of two learning paths
    • Serve as a club officer for 12 months
    • Serve as Club Mentor or Coach
    • Serve as Club Sponsor or conduct Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program
    • Serve as a district officer for one year
    • Complete the capstone DTM project
  • Biggest challenge and how can we sell Pathways to the club?
    Ellen Hermens´answer as Chief Ambassador: “I believe that one of our biggest challenges are the clubs focusing only on public speaking skills. Pathways is a lot more focused on public speaking AND leadership. We are going to collect questions and try to best answer them and share material and documents to support our clubs in adapting their marketing material.
  • Will CC & CL also be covered? Can I apply with my current certification in Pathways? Will any of the actual recognitions system stay? 
    There is a totally different award system and therefore there is only one award staying “the same” which is the DTM. To achieve the DTM will be a similar effort like before, but any other achievement cannot be integrated into Pathways. You keep them, but you start with Level 1 in Pathways. – If you would like to complete your DTM in the current program please start planning as there is a limited transition time of two years after the last district started using Pathways.
  • Are there projects in the learning paths comparable to the ones in the Competent Leadership manual – especially the ones in which members getting feedback after being a timer or taking another role during the club meeting?
    Answer from TI: All members are required to serve in certain meeting roles before the end of Level 3 on every path: evaluator, Toastmaster, and Topicsmaster. At this time, members in Pathways do not receive feedback after serving in other roles, such as timer and Ah-counter.
  • How will the recognition system look in Pathways?
    There are 5 Levels in each Learning Path. Please take a look into this document: Pathways Paths and Core Competencies
  • Pathways volunteers?
    Would you like to be involved in the change management and rollout? We take care that every ten clubs have an Ambassador and a Pathways Guide who help with a smooth rollout. You also can earn credits toward a DTM for this. Then please get in touch with Chief Ambassador Ellen Hermens:

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