Club Sponsor

Position Description:

Club sponsors are experienced Toastmasters who assist new clubs. Serving as a successful new club sponsor counts toward completion of your Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) requirements. A Club Sponsor is appointed to help get a new club through the chartering process.

Primary Responsibilities:

A sponsor works with a club from the initial demonstration meeting until the club charters. The club sponsor ensures a smooth transition when the club is turned over to club mentors. Some responsibilities of a club sponsor include (but are not limited to) helping to market the new club to prospective members, providing guidance to the club on club meeting roles and protocols, attending and participating in the club’s meetings, and assisting the club complete their charter paperwork.

Position Requirements:

Be a paid member in good standing with Toastmasters International.

Why would I Serve as a Club Sponsor?

As a Club Sponsor, you benefit from:
Enhance leadership skills
Develop project-management abilities
Expand marketing expertise
Get in at the start of something exciting
Get credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade

How do I get Credit for being a Club Sponsor?

Each sponsor is emailed an acknowledgment form from Toastmasters World Headquarters (WHQ) shortly after the charter is issued. The club president and sponsor must sign the form then return it to WHQ for credit, either by mail, fax, or email. The sponsor then receives a certificate of award.

In Pathways, you submit the new club name, new club number and date chartered on your DTM Award Application.

The Vice-President Education will approve DTM award applications. This award is then forwarded to World Headquarters for you to receive credit towards your Distinguished Toastmaster accolade.

If you are interested in becoming a Club Mentor, please contact the D95 Club Growth Director.