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To engage and connect our members, potential members and our community through exciting PR activities that adds value to their life’s experience and growth.

Can Clubs use cartoons, clipart, and/or photos of their own choice for promotions?

Please do not use cartoons, illustrations, or clip art in materials created for clubs, Areas, Divisions, Districts, and regions.

Similarly, stay away from images that do not connect to the Toastmasters environment, such as those mainly or solely portraying landscapes, animals, children, food and food appliances, medicine, and architecture.

This handbook provides everything you need to know about conducting PR in Toastmasters.

Let The World Know

The tagline helps to convey our mission, our purpose.
What is Brand?


  • Consistent and Unique Identity
  • Clearly communicates golas and messages
  • Defines the organisation, it’s products and services
  • Differentiats the organisation from it’s competitors


Branding is one of the easiest concepts to understand, yet it’s one of the hardest to execute. Branding is our most valuable asset, and it is more than just a logo. It is our identity and our personality. It is key to delivering the Toastmasters brand consistently across all channels, both online and offline.



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Using the Logo

The Toastmasters International logo is an integral piece of our visual identity.

It‘s correct and consistent application accelerates engagement, raises our credibility and improves brand recall.​

It is essential to follow some simple rules in the Brand Manual when using the Toastmasters logo.

Here is a picture of what not to do with the Toastmasters International Logo.

Picture provided by TI District 20

Public Relations Branding Workshop held online Sunday, July 31, 2022

Brand Guideline For Designers in PDF Format

Quick Reference Sheet

Toastmasters International Brand Guidelines which includes Font, Colors, Gradient Colors, Transparencies
Toastmasters International New Brand Manual
Toastmasters International is excited to present you with brand guidelines in an easy-to-follow format to help you effectively bring the brand to life. All Toastmasters promotional materials must follow the guidelines specified in the Brand Manual. The guidelines for fonts, colours, photography style, and so on always apply and must be followed by clubs. View Brand Manual 2022
PR Tool Kit for Posters and Fliers
The Tool Kit available on a Canva Link. Here are the Toastmasters International logos, fonts, colors, gradients, background styles, transparencies, logo wordmark, Pathways levels and badges, Social Media icons, Extra icon pack, and what is not allowed. Easily cut and past into posters or fliers. Provided by Toastmasters International District 126
Branding in District 95

District 95 PR Team takes the branding and compliance to the core of each Public relation activity across the district from posters to the events. The Brand Execution Lead is in charge of ensuring the Toastmasters brand is used accurately in the clubs, areas, and divisions across the district. We also focus on educating the PR Managers and VPPRs on branding by providing training and Q&A sessions.

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